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Kamilės Balžekaitės fortepijono rečitalis

17 vasario, 2017|Naujienos|

Komentavimas išjungtas įraše Kamilės Balžekaitės fortepijono rečitalis

Suzuki pianistų vasaros stovykla Lenkijoje

5 vasario, 2017|Naujienos|

 FIRST TIME IN POLAND – GROUP PIANO LESSONS Workshop will take place between 30 of July to 6th of August in Międzylesie close to the border between Poland and Czech Republic in beautiful 700 years old castle situated in picturesque town surrounded by mountains. There’s a historic market in the vicinity of the castle and free water park 400 meters away. Workshop includes visiting the castle and there’s also possibility to play the night castle game and to experience adventures in escape rooms! Suzuki Summer Academy is the first event of this kind in Poland gathering pianist in group

Komentavimas išjungtas įraše Suzuki pianistų vasaros stovykla Lenkijoje